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One day, many young girls are jealous of Anna, because she became the wife of a "real man".

After the wedding, their relationship has changed little.

Despite the strange relationship, the wedding of Anna Kashf and Marlon Brando was held October 11, 1957, the ceremony was modest, but the bride and groom were unusual.

The bride was in a blue sari, the groom is in a blue suit with a black cape, a hat on his head in his hand - a cane.

Marlon could be expressed in an ambiguous address Anne, some of his phrases in her address to the notes contain insults.

The appearance in public with Marlon Anne had seriously, many fans were not adequate and even aggressive towards her.

Seeing Brando in the Hollywood producers noted actor who attracted the attention of the viewer, despite the wild and unbalanced character.

In these publications Marlon Brando has always reacted sharply, but once in an interview, he admitted that: I adored her mother and her beauty, charm and ease with which it is suited to all cases and tranquility, which belonged to the little things . mother became increasingly disappearing from the house.

Brando and Marilyn did not interrupt their relationship and meet frequently with each other called and talked for hours.

Their last conversation took place a few days before her death.

Especially after the movie "The Savage" (1953), where his character broke the established way of life.

The rebellious nature of young minds hypnotized he created the image.

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