Adult chat line phone numbers in uk

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This means that you could be dialling a premium rate number without knowing it by connecting through these digits.

Typically, fraudsters will give you a missed call or leave message getting you to call them back via one of these numbers, and can run up bills in excess of £100.

Like location based numbers, these are inclusive in pay monthly minutes packages, so no need to worry if you want to dial one on a contract phone or on a deal for your landline.

Sometimes misconstrued as standard mobile phone numbers in the UK as they begin with 07.

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You can find more information on 070 numbers through the Action Fraud website.They often vary in their price and can result in high monthly bills if dialled too frequently or for long periods of time.They’ve also built a bad reputation for illegal activity, which can have criminals either steal or hack a phone and then have it dial a premium rate number.07 numbers are the standard offering for UK mobile phones, and aren’t considered premium rate numbers.Every SIM card from the UK has an 07 number attached to it, and can cost up to 45p per minute from pay as you go mobile phones, or 32p per minute from a landline.

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