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The exhibition would argue that, in that sense, it is a Rembrandt painting. Either way, machines replicating human art is also not such a far-away idea. It makes its decisions on what patterns to draw and what colours to use based on the mood of the room, how many people are watching, the weather outside and background noise.The mindfulness machine Mindfulness is all about taking care of yourself and your mental health in particular. Commenting on the new exhibition as a whole, Science Gallery director Lynn Scarff said: “Humans Need Not Apply sets out to engage our visitors in genuine conversations that probe the multiple opportunities that these technologies present.

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This exhibit is designed to ask of us what exactly we can give empathy towards.DH Lawrence's novels may be tough to translate to the screen, so much of his writing is dependent on the words on the page as they form images of extraordinary beauty and sensuality.His novels are quintessentially British and reflect on the dehumanizing effects of modernity and industrialization, confronting issues relating to emotional health and vitality, spontaneity, sexuality, and human instinct.The results are unexpected, baffling and hilarious.The tickle machine This is exactly what it sounds like.

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