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The characters consist of a gun-tooting tomboy with an overly large bust, a beautiful and flirtatious martial-artist, a kind-hearted and lucky dim-wit, a mature yet slightly mean loli-figure and of course, the token silent-girl who seems to be some sort of creepy pseudo-monk who worships a really strange, rotating device in her room (It's awesome! All in all, a lot of people unfairly rate Galaxy Angel for it's plotless and senseless story, but I really don't think that's the major problem.The show is a silly, exaggerated comedy and you can't really expect any high-rate scripts and well-written stories for those, now can you?Their inter-group relationship may seem friendly and so at first glance, but if you have some intuition and actually pay attention, you can notice a lot of interesting, underlying rivarly and other goodies.The show has a very silly and exaggerated comedy-aspect and many of the jokes have been used before and probably better, still, there are parts of the show that *will* make you laugh.

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You just had to watch it carefully sometimes to get the jist of it. All of those funny jokes that they play on each character were good enough to let me spend the day to laugh at it. Not the best, but well animated, especially in season one, they actually tried to theme each in different ways (american cartoons, japanese traditions, etc). The music they played in between episodes were suitable enough, and the Theme songs were definitely catchy. While each of them were team members of this military group, each of them has their cliche characteristics; Forte's crazy on weapons, Ranpha's crazy about materialism, Milfeuille's always lucky, dumb and kind-hearted, Mint's crazy about cute cosplay suits (animals, lol, and i love the sound that her cow-ears makes), and Vanilla, always quiet, sometimes gives you surprising reactions.Give it a try if you're looking for a good laugh and some minutes of enjoyment.Each episode is only 15 minutes anyway so you could easily finish all, or half, the series in just one go if you'd like.The setting is that a group of five girls go on bizarre military missions, hilarity ensues. I don't know what they were thinking with that one.It doesn't make sense to have a serious episode in an absurdest comedy series.

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