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She says back in the day she and Free used to dream about these days and would practice looks that she could wear if she ever got her own television show.

Marie Antoinette Wright (born February 7, 1968), better known by her stage name, "Free", is an American media personality, television producer, singer/songwriter and rapper.

She gave a glimpse of the Hey Hey Hey video to her fans on Tuesday via Instagram.

And one day later, the full music video of Katy Perry's catchy tune was finally released.

As he tried to kiss her Marie stopped him and slaps him across the face.

She was then dragged to the guillotine and her head was cut off; in 1793, Marie was killed this way after the monarchy was abolished in France.

She was the friend of Marie Antoinette and made several brave attempts to rescue her from prison and after that Queen’s death, strove to save the Dauphin of France.” Charlottle Walpole was born in County Westmeath in Ireland and, according to hearsay, was related to Prime Minister Robert Walpole.

The Norfolk gentry refused to accept Charlotte, a common actress, so the pair moved to France in November 1784 to start a new life together away from gossip.

After presenting the music video show '106 & Park' for several years, she has decided to pursue other ventures.

Seems like the sterling relationship of Jay Z and Beyonce are on the rocks, or at least that is what gossip news site are reporting about. Below is a list of women the rapper might have had an affair with during the course of his marriage with Queen Bey.

She's then dressed in a corset and enormous wig; while practicing her posture she trips and fall and looks upon a book about Joan Of Arc.

Joan was a French heroine in the 1400s who fought in the Hundred Years War; she tried to stop England's domination of France, only to be caught by the English and burned at the stake at the age of 19.

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