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A quarter of the arrested unregistered prostitutes had multiple infections with sexually transmitted diseases.

Because of this, the Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior wants to transform illegal prostitution into legal regulated prostitution.

The NGO Exit documents stories of these victims to increase public awareness.

Furthermore, Exit counsels victims who seek help in special African dialects.

Before the Wende there was a relatively good cooperation between police and prostitution from which both sides had their benefits: The pimps were allowed to regulate their turf wars themselves; on the other hand they served as informants for the police.

For example, the police detained several nurses from Bratislava who earned more money in one night on the streets of Vienna than in a whole month in the hospital in Bratislava.Additional restrictions are specified in § 214 to 217.Medical examinations are required by the AIDS and STD laws.Many young women from the former Eastern bloc came to Austria and were willing to work for less money than the Austrian women.Additionally organized crime groups from southern and eastern Europe entered the prostitution scene in Austria.

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