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Although some of the bars featured in our gallery are extravagant and space-consuming, you can create a home bar almost anywhere in your home with a bit of creativity and by following your own personal style.Using built-in cabinets or large furniture can make your bar look more distinguished and showcase your liquor, drinkware and other bar accessories.At this point, could she be, as Raquel ponders during her hike, “her own Messiah? —Nina Terrero Some of ’s best moments to date have been when the secret habits and personal preferences of its characters are revealed, and juxtaposed with the identities they present to their significant others, friends, and relatives.“When the Battle Is Over” is chock-full of such scenes, kicking off with a sequence at the county hospital, where Sarah and Josh’s discomfort with their surroundings is on full display. Ali is the exception, taking it all in like an academic might — which is in keeping with her current status as a TA, though it’s worth noting her position is rather tenuous given that she’s sleeping with Leslie, whose material she’s teaching.If you live in an area with great weather year-round, you could even consider an outdoor bar.Keep in mind that if you want your bar to have appliances such as a refrigerator, wine cooler or sink, then you’ll need water and electricity set up in that area as well.If you thought ’s second season — which saw Maura (Jeffrey Tambor) and Vicki (Anjelica Huston) begin a deeply emotional sexual relationship, among other head-spinning developments — delivered the unexpected, then you’ll suffer from some whiplash with the season 3 opener, which sees Maura in bed with Vicki. It is stillness.” The wooded quiet is an interesting contrast to the awkward silence at the kitchen table at Davina’s (Alexandra Billings) house, where Maura has a confession to make.It’s obvious that Maura’s life is as messy as ever, especially when juxtaposed with scenes featuring Rabbi Raquel (Kathryn Hahn), rehearsing a sermon whose themes lean heavily on personal freedom. “I’ve got everything I need,” she says, fingering her pashmina. ” But there’s no time for additional reflection, as Maura heads to the LGBT suicide hotline call center.

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Small refrigerators can be placed within the lower cabinetry of your bar and come in a wide variety of styles and prices.Things to consider when buying a freestanding bar include the size of your space, the style of the bar and whether you would like it to have a water hookup.Give yourself more counter space to shake and stir with a built-in island, which can serve several purposes.Built-in cabinets are the most expensive option, but they also give your bar the most stately, permanent look.If built-in is too big of a task, using a buffet table, cabinet or bookshelf is another way to incorporate storage in your bar and feature fun pieces of furniture.

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