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It is one that is not strictly hierarchical and is thus considered "off-message" within IS, but it nonetheless represents an existential threat to the fragmented republic.According to findings by the Bosnian Ministry of Security, not only were munitions from Bosnia used in the January 2015 attack on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, but some of the weapons used in the November 13 Islamic State attack on Paris were also from former Yugoslav production.Without specifying Bosnia, the European law enforcement agency Europol reported at the beginning of the year about IS training camps that have been established at the periphery of the EU and "in Balkan countries." The report notes that IS recruits are "trained in specific killing techniques, which include beheading." German investigators believe there are around a dozen places in Bosnia where Salafists -- followers of a hardline Sunni interpretation of Islam -- have assembled radicals undisturbed by the authorities.Reports of remote "Sharia villages," however, are denied by the Ministry of Security and the special police force SIPA.Mayr leitete die Büros in Wien und in Moskau, ehe er 2013 nach Rom wechselte. There is just a single childhood photo remaining, an image of a flaxen-haired five-year-old that Ibro's father scanned so he could always carry it with him on his mobile phone. Before Ibro left Bosnia to join Islamic State (IS) in 2014, he tore up all the images of himself he could find.

Indeed, there are not many other reasons to return home.

A Salafist community existed in the surroundings of Velika Kladuša as early as the beginning of the Yugoslavian wars in the early 1990s -- a community that was funded with money from Saudi Arabia and Sudan.

"The West should forget about the dangers from the East; the true danger is from the green color of Islam," said the regional radical leader at the time -- when several thousand mujahedeen from Arab and North African countries had already joined the Bosnian Muslims in their fight against the Serbs and, later on, also the Croats.

We are dealing with "a failing and highly dysfunctional state," says political scientist Vlado Azinovic, co-author of the study, "The Lure of the Syrian War," which focuses on Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The Velika Kladuša area -- not even 100 kilometers from the beaches of Croatia -- threatens to develop into a bridgehead for Islamist terrorists heading north, particularly with the help of guest workers radicalized in Austria, Germany or Italy.

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