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Surely, someday my unborn child would want to know what his parents looked like in their twenties!So I set out to track down those digital pictures, and print them.Blurb offers many different advanced tools to help you create your project in the most professional way possible.

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I recommend anyone that is beginning to write to give it a try. The pride you feel when you see your name on a book is incredible.

Those years were recorded in the new novelty album of social networks.

My photos were posted to Friendster or My Space or Flickr, and were then left there, as the Internet world migrated on.

is a website which promises to give their users everything they need to take control of their printing needs, whether it is a personalized photo book, self published book, or even e Books.

With the growth in digital photographs and e-readers, there has also been a growth in websites that gives the average person the ability to create these types of products themselves, with no need for a professional printer or publisher, sites like Lulu, Mixbook, and Shutterfly.

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