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On my most recent visit to the aquarium, I joined the signature Shark Encounter and swam alongside these infamous giants.Cancun’s Museo Maya makes it easy for families to experience Mayan history without straying too far from the hotel.The vibrant jungles and bright blue waters surrounding this spectacular beach destination hold all kinds of adventures for you and your family to discover together.Whether you’re visiting kid-friendly venues in the Cancun Hotel Zone or venturing through the great outdoors, the best family attractions in Cancun capture children’s attention while entertaining adults.We had to be carried back to the ship we were all so violently ill throwing up and blacking out at times.

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Had they not noticed we would have NEVER made it back.In my opinion, the travelers who get the most out of Cancun are the ones who get out and explore: not only will you get close to the city’s natural beauty, but you will also learn about Mexican culture in an interactive, dynamic way.This immense nature park is paradise for families who love to swim.We woke up and it was night time I dont know how we survived. On our third day there we were relaxing by the pool, and decided to have some drinks at the swim up bar.Keep in mind we had already been there for 2 days, and had been having 6 plus drinks each through ought the day, drinking water in between and feeling completely fine.

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