Castle view campsite sussex

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Here are the measurements of the contents of the images which may help with scale.table length 244cm table width 88cm table height 73cm table edge to BBQ 183cm seat edge to BBQ 169cm BBQ height 64cm edge seat to fire pit 274cm fire pit width 131cm fire pit height 38cm BBQ height 64cm Many thanks Sandy The Extreme Expeditions Team Interesting. It seems absurd that the most elusive large animal in the world would be videoed taking a stroll through a public campground with fire sites and picnic tables, but certainly bears as well as primates have been known to make the same kind of visits, and it's not a stretch that an unknown primate, even a wary one, would occasionally poke around near sleeping humans to see what might be edible.Also more importantly how warm objects show up on the cameras – in this case the fire.Bottles and objects can be seen on the table which is large table and of the wooden picnic variety.You can clearly see a pair of boots to the immediate left of the table – toes pointing towards the camera and also sleeping material crumpled up.IMAG0013 - © SES2012 All rights reserved Copyright © Sasquatch Expedition September 2012 (SES2012).We can still clearly see sleeping matter and a pair of boots as per above.We know that the team retired to bed at roughly midnight as the fire was dying down and that two team members rose to use the restroom at .

Motto: "I would rather be right and entirely alone than wrong in the company with all the rest of the world"--Ambroise Pare', "the father of modern surgery", in his refutation of fake unicorn horns.It would be interesting to do the re-creation again at the right time of night to see how bright a human being in clothing shoes up in the infrared, but you folks might have thought of this already and done it (?)Adam Davies, Andrew Sanderson & Carla Marshall run privately funded expeditions to some of the remotest parts of the planet, searching for evidence of new & unknown creatures. My first impression was that the head and shoulders were entirely different from the typical Bigfoot [or from Patty in the Patterson/Gimlin film] and that this was an apelike creature standing at full height and NOT kneeling down.The image and film clip were sent to Jeff Meldrum, Professor of Anatomy and Anthropology at Idaho State University and to Ian Redmond O. Notes for Editors: Extreme Expeditions Ltd (EE Ltd) who organised and participated in this expedition comprises field researchers Adam Davies and Andrew Sanderson, who have conducted worldwide research into unknown creatures for the last 14 years, most notably the Orang Pendek in Sumatra.[There is a fairly good possibility that the creature shown by the trailcam might actually BE a closer relative to the Orang Pendek rather than to the traditional Bigfoot-DD] The team joined with Lori Simmons, whose father, the late Donnald Wallace researched Sasquatch in this area over a period of 28 years, an area she regularly continues to investigate.

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