Chris egan dating

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She said: 'It's hard to think about right now but Kian is from a big family of seven, so ideally we'd like three or four. We'd love a girl, but so long as they were happy and healthy, that's all that really matters.'Asked how she felt when she learned she was expecting a second son, she added: 'We'd like a girl at some point but we just wanted a healthy, happy baby.I never dreamt before Koa of being a mum to little boys, but now I'm obsessed with boys - they're such cool little dudes.“She just didn’t want a big thing.” New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg served as a witness at the brief ceremony, which was performed at City Hall in Lower Manhattan by a city clerk, the originally reported.The connection between the couple and Hizzoner has to do with the fact that the record-producer groom, 38, grew up in Boston, while Bloomberg himself is a native of Medford, Mass., and they have mutual friends.

“They are over the moon,” the actress’s spokeswoman told the of Pompeo and Ivery.Whilst Jodi captioned the same picture on her own Instagram account: 'Looks like I might be needing this no3 (sic)'Meanwhile, Jodi previously confessed her and Kian would like to have 'three or four' children eventually.Ten years ago this Thursday, Katy French crossed the narrow plank of the present into the ever after.It only seems like yesterday that she was running around Dublin, seemingly without a care in the world.

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