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All these shows were gone from the CHUM lineup by mid-January 1958.Nordheimer was the last original living CHUM jock, the final survivor of a group that included Phil Ladd, Harvey Dobbs, Josh King, Phil Stone and Hank Noble.This wasnt an act on Spragges part, he was genuine in his affection for his listeners.CHUM held movie premieres and all sorts of other promotions for Johns gals.

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CHUM owner Allan Waters thought Top 40 radio sounded like "rocks smashing together" the first time he heard it at WQAM Miami in the winter of 1956-57.Stone became CHUM's vice-president in charge of promotions and charitable work.He left CHUM in 1966 to teach at Humber College, founding the radio program there in 1972.After CHUM, Nordheimer did audio work for the United Church and worked in programming for CHIN Toronto.Nordheimer was the last of the living original CHUM jocks before he died at age 93 on February 28, 2015a #22 CHUM Chart in 1957 with "Here Comes The Night." Noble, who also jocked on CFCN Calgary, CKRC and CKY Winnipeg and WCOS Columbia, South Carolina, did his last CHUM all-night show in January 1958.

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