Dating chat

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This person knows you wouldn’t go for them if you saw them in real life.

Their photo could be very old/photoshopped/of someone else. This person may prefer the fantasy life rather than facing up to reality, so will keep the penpal scenario going on as long as possible.

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44% of those who had used dating apps/sites behind their partners’ backs also admitted to going further than ‘window shopping and actually met up with people off sites/apps too.

2) Loneliness Sometimes people simply need someone else to talk to, to combat their loneliness, but it goes no further than that.

If you’re chatting to a plate-spinner for months and months, don’t waste your time letting them dip in and out of your life. Maybe the reason for your penpal-esque dating is because this chat is nothing more than a boredom cure for the other person.

If it’s a girl in question, you have to remember that women sometimes like to be chased – so it could just be a case of her playing hard to get in this scenario. Maybe what connects us to people also disconnects us from potential relationships – too much choice means there’s less of a likelihood of committing to meeting up with one person and we’ll end up interacting online more but meeting up less.

I brainstormed with some friends who had experienced this dating dilemma, and here are some of the reasons that this might be happening: 1)Already in a relationship Have you ever considered that the person you’re messaging might already be in a relationship?

A recent poll revealed that 21% of people between 18 and 35 on dating apps/sites were already in a relationship.

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