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If you aren’t willing to take the initiative from the very beginning, you risk having any emotional potential grow stagnant.

Most instances of The Friend Zone can easily be avoided, but it requires a willingness to take risks.

It’s the move by men who ultimately fear rejection and would rather submit themselves to the Friend Zone than risk losing the fantasy.

They may think that sex ruins friendships or they may be interested in somebody else.

The reasons may differ but the end result is the same: you’re not going to progress beyond “friend”. The second form of the Friend Zone involves being in a relationship under false pretenses.

This is and a complete dick move; the pretender is trading on somebody’s willingness to believe him when he insists that he doesn’t have ulterior motives in trying to be friends with her.

Ironically, the men who find themselves in this form of the Friend Zone have the hardest time recognizing the harm they’re doing – both to themselves and to the women that they claim to care about.

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