Dating mating and manhandling the ornithological guide to men

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Break it to her gently If and when you decide to do the deed, carry it out with compassion.

“If you can end a relationship on a loving note you will feel incredible and clear space for new friendships to come in,” author and spiritual teacher Gabrielle Bernstein advises.

You have a friend who you might share some good memories with, but suddenly it has become exhausting being around them.

Maybe all they want to do is gossip, or they habitually indulge in bad habits, or they have just turned into a toxic person be around.

And if she gets mad, cuts you off or just doesn’t listen, you know what to do next.

The second can have a softer approach, with fewer negatives and more compassion.

The third letter could include what role you might have played during the friendship that inhibited it from lasting. “They're just meant to shift your energy about the situation and leave more room for positive feelings,” says Rosie Guagliardo, founder of Inner Brilliance Coaching in Chicago.

“If she makes you feel worse about yourself, makes jokes at your expense, is competitive with you for male attention, or is super needy and possessive about your time and attention and expects you to save her and bail her out, but is never reciprocally there for you, then it’s probably time to move on,” she says.

“Drinking problems and refusal to get professional help but relying on you for her support falls into this category too.

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