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The Bible stories he had listened to in various Sunday schools had never appealed to him. Clint had continued to see her since arriving in Los Angeles, and their relationship was deepening...

They seemed terribly remote, and they struck him as distressingly violent, too--"the whole idea of religion based upon impaling somebody, the whole center, torture and torment." Critics of Clint Eastwood's subsequent screen career, marked by so many bloody confrontations, may make what irony they care to out of this, but he says these views had begun to take shape even before this conversation, when he found himself contrasting the discomfort Christian myth stirred in him with the experience of visiting Yosemite National Park with his family. At the time Maggie was living in Altadena, working for a manufacturer's representative.

Above all, marriage "was doable." Clint was still managing the apartment house on Oakhurst Drive, assuring them an affordable rent.

If they combined her salary and his odd-job money he could continue his education at City College and they could get by.

This Pacific Rim Transcendentalism, a belief that nature in the several majestic aspects that California presents it, is the ultimate source of spiritual renewal widely shared by its citizens and has remained a major force in determining the way Clint has lived his adult life. He thought they were too young, not well enough established.

Talking to the writer, Clint [Eastwood] stressed the lack of grandeur in his background.

There were, one gathers, no hidden agendas in the Eastwood family, no dark, twisting pressures, just simple, straightforward expectations and affections, clearly expressed. had doubtless hoped, the demands cars placed on his son's wallet taught Clint the value of uncomplaining toil.

"You get nothing for nothing," his father would tell him.

Clint Eastwood was raised in a middle class Protestant home.

He regularly attended church services on Sundays with his mother and siblings at whatever Protestant church was nearby.

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