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Less common birds to watch out for are Scottish (parrot) crossbills, redwings, waxwings, snow buntings, and fieldfares that migrate from Scandinavia for the winter.Scotland is a major destination for migrating geese and other birds that spend their summers in the Arctic.They’re active both day and night, as are the smaller varieties of deer found in the lowlands (mainly roe deer), so watch out when you’re driving in the dark.If you want to get up close with deer who are used to humans, the Cairngorm Reindeer Centre offer daily walks up the hills to visit their free-ranging herds.

Good binoculars or a telescope can allow you to observe from further away, with less chance of disturbing what you’re watching. Something waterproof and insulated to sit or lie on – an inflatable cushion or a small section of bedding-mat – makes a big difference to your comfort.

Red deer males, with their huge antler racks, are a spectacular sight.

They’re also very noisy, especially in the early winter when they’re getting their harems sorted out.

You’re most likely to see them in the Highlands, where the grey squirrel hasn’t yet pushed them out of their territory, but there are populations in the Scottish Borders and in Angus, Perthshire and the Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park.

The best times to see them are early and late, rather than the middle of the day.

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