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Here, in the big city, it was hard to find space to express her traditions and culture.“In Joburg, people say, wow, that’s different, no we don’t do that. For example, on Heritage Day, there were a lot of women walking around with traditional clothes, she says. But at a traditional gathering at home I could walk around with my breasts uncovered. It’s almost like we’ve been told that we have to cover up, that we are backward.”Now four years into her degree, Mtshali has found her place in the city.She has conversations with her friends about their cultural differences - and similarities - and she has also joined Gauteng-based cultural societies.“We get together, we do dance practises, we sing songs … Not only are we learning about our culture and traditions, things we wouldn’t normally receive through mainstream culture, but you interact with other girls so you know you’re not alone in your view and how you are.”Like most university students, Mtshali and her friends are active on social media, and they would enthusiastically share images and videos of themselves singing and dancing on sites like You Tube and Facebook.(Photo: TV Yabantu)Nobukhosi Mtshali felt a little lost when she first arrived in Johannesburg.She was beginning a degree in education at Wits University, and Johannesburg felt a world away from where she grew up, just outside Pietermaritzburg.At the same time, this content was labelled as “not suitable for most advertisers”, which hit TV Yabantu’s bottom line.Although the restrictions were applied haphazardly - some videos were deemed inappropriate, while others with similar content were left alone - the impact was significant.“They started removing advertising from our videos, then the views started dropping, the revenues started dropping,” said Dlamini.She said that in the modern world, when it is difficult enough already to cling on to traditions, Google is making it even harder.“I, as a South African, want to celebrate my culture.Having my photos labelled as inappropriate or regarded as porn, I take that as a direct attack on my cultural heritage. If I’m posing in a sexually suggestive manner that is one thing, but if I’m posting pictures of me standing there in my traditional attire, that is a completely different context,” she said.“It gets so frustrating, so maddening to talk about it.

She said the DA’s Federal Executive had become aware of the alleged existence of a number of issues in the DA’s City of Cape Town caucus…

The committee found “sufficient management and governance-related challenges” in the City of Cape Town (COCT) caucus, which are negatively impacting the City’s mandate to govern efficiently for the people of Cape Town, she said.

DA Leader Mmusi Maimane has therefore directed the caucus of the COCT to establish an independent investigation to probe these allegations.

As a young person why would you want to celebrate something that is constantly being mocked on social media platforms? Lazi Dlamini is the head of TV Yabantu, an online video production company that aims to produce content that “protects, preserves and restores African values”.

The TV Yabantu You Tube channel launched in 2016, and it caught on quick, adding 3000-4000 new subscribers every month And then, beginning in April last year, You Tube started slapping age restrictions on cultural content that featured bare-breasted women. Viewer and subscriber numbers plummeted because the channel was now much harder to access.

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