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Aired 10-11a ET • Breakthrough Emerge From North and South Korea Meeting; Iran's Supreme Leader Condemns Western Attacks; Bad Weather, High Seas Hampering Rescue Operations; Rising Anger Over Austerity Measures; Economic Concerns Deepening In Tunisia; Sport And Politics Collide. Aired at -11p ET • Strong Winds Spread Severe California Wildfires; Palestinian Protest On U. Decision On Jerusalem; Palestinian Armed Jihad, Ready For Armed Struggle; CNN On The Ground At Palestinian Protest; Israeli Minister Peace Not Possible With Divided Jerusalem; U. Recognizes Jerusalem As Israel's Capital; Israel Prime Minister Faces Allegations Of Corruption; Ventura Country Fire 96,000 Acres, Five Percent Contained; Jerusalem, A World Away For Palestinian Refugees. Aired at 10-11a ET • Social Media Storm; Blame Game; Return To Gaza; NBC, Reason To Believe This Is Not An Isolated Incident; Military Officials Calls Launch A Special Gift For Trump; Trump Jr.Aired 10-11a ET • Trump's Aides And Allies Rally Around President; Bombshell Book Questions President's Mental State; North and South Korea To Meet; Oprah's Golden Globes Speech; Saudi Arrests; Aired 10-a ET • Typhoon Tembin Leaves Dozens Dead In The Philippines; WH Slams NYT Report Denies Trump's Immigrant Comments; Trump's Jerusalem Decision Overshadows Celebrations; Protests And U. To Meet With House Intel Next Week; CNN Team Reflects On Exclusive Story; CNN Returns To Gaza To Report On Border Crossing Opening; Trump Administration Making Cuts To U. State Department; Son Of Late Saudi King Released From Detention."I always wanted to do something in Africa," said Monticelli."As soon as I read the book, I felt it was very visual and I knew it would made a good film … On screen it becomes much more in your face."I've always been proud of the film, but it's particularly nice when other writers embrace and acknowledge you," she said.

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• Trump Takes The Heat; Trump Pushing On DACA Deals; Gadgets And Gizmos; Trump, Moon Speak By Phone; At Least 15 Killed In California Mudslides; New Details About Russia Dossier. Aired at 10-11p ET • Defiance And Despair In Parts Of Arab World; Arab States Weigh U. Jerusalem Decision; Emirati Team Faces Off Against Real Madrid; Trump's Favorite Drink: 12 Diet Cokes A Day; Extraordinary Election; Climate Challenge; Arab Anger. Aired at 10-11p ET • Matt Lauer: I Am Truly Sorry; Son Of War Faces Uncertain Future In Gaza; Fatah And Hamas Wants To Delay Gaza Handover; Officials: White House May Replace Tillerson With CIA Chief; Reviving The Arabic Language.

Reduced to menial labor and an ascetic lifestyle, the professorial Lurie is useless when a gang of rebels raid the modest house, attacking him and raping his daughter.

WHEN a little-known Australian secured the hotly contested film rights to J. Coetzee's novel Disgrace, it sent waves of disbelief through film and literary circles.

Threat; 18 Injured In Melbourne Car Attack, 4 Critical; War Drags On In Last Rebel-Held Damascus Suburb; Saudi Arabia Versus Iran, A Cold War In The Middle East.

Aired at -11a ET • Royal Romance; Papal Politics; Volcanic Eruption; Massacre That Shocked the World; U. President Lashes Out At Media; Saudi Arabia Eases Blockade Amid Outcry For Aid; Volcanic Chaos Bali.

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