Disqus comment count not updating

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To use Disqus identifier in your URL, just create a new attribute called data-disqus-identifier and in value write unique identifier of the page.Comment section is de-facto feature of any blog at this time, having comment section in your blog increases your interaction between you and your readers.Bug Fixes – Fixed issue with Bug Fixes – Fixed not loading when ‘Render Javascript in external files’ unchecked.

If you try to activate this along with Disqus, it will throw a Please make sure that you have deactivated Disqus official plugin first, because this plugin is a stand alone plugin.

Once you are done with above steps you can see comment count on your page. But Disqus knows that everyone have their own taste and so they have given a provision to change this text.

You can change this output from Disqus account section.

Migrating Disqus from v0.11 LTS to 1.x If you are using Disqus on Ghost v0.11 LTS, you will need to make changes to support Ghost 1.x depending on which version of the Disqus code you are using.

DCL is an advanced version of Disqus Commenting System, with which experience the boosted page loading speed difference.

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