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Anthony Club and La Louisiane Zites you understand what it means if someone directs you to a place “inside the loop” you know every word to most of the “Scorpions” music you see a Native American on TV and think of a car dealership you ever attended Pre-K at the Orange Goose you know that the man that owns H. Gonzales Lila Cockrell isn’t just a theatre name, she was our Mayor…forever “Via Via, Via Via” was a jingle you couldn’t get out of your head your movie theatre, the Northwest 14, used to be the Northwest 6 you, “Just barely got here right now” Craig Teplitz when you are someplace else, everyone seems too thin, too white, and not quite friendly enough Jean Hooge when someone pronounces it "San Antone," you get really angry you get tired of taking out-of-town relatives to the Alamo, the zoo and the Riverwalk Jeff Beal you’ve driven on Loop 1604 from Bandera Road to Potranco Road and vice-versa you’re frequently dodging potholes on residential streets you’re driving on a major divided thoroughfare and see a vehicle coming toward you Lou Georgieff your first date was at Playland Park you went to Kiddie Park on Broadway as a child and then took your kids (& grandkids) there you attended Hemis Fair you watched H. Zachry put the Hilton together Christi Vaughn when you enter the Alamo and hear it’s story, you cry Dorothea your wedding is catered by Bill Miller you write your Hispanic surname on the your car’s rear window..old English letters your kid’s six birthday party includes a piñata and two kegs of Bud Lite David Cuellar you loved shopping at Joske’s, eating at Casa Rio and Schilo’s, going to movies at The Aztec and The Majestic, and riding the barges along the SA river you spent some of your most fun childhood days at Playland Park you remember nickel bean rolls at Taco House and 5-cent root beer floats at Floyd’s Dairy Bar on Goliad Road you marched in the Fiesta Flambeau Parade with little pin flashlights attached to your pep squad uniform you remember Mc Creless Mall, modeling at Montgomery Ward, slurping ice cream sodas at the fountain bar in Woolworth’s, shopping at JC Penney you danced the night away on the Riverwalk at B’wana Dik Carol Spurgin you wish you could go back in time for a Joe’s hamburger when it’s raining hard, all the local stations interrupt scheduled programs to cover the weather your basic food groups are Whataburger, Taco Cabana, Bill Miller’s and Jim’s you really miss Chris Marrou and Dan Cook Jim Vaughn after returning from a vacation, you stop at Taco Cabana on the way home from the airport your fence is decked out with "Go Spurs Go" made out of cups Karol Hestilow you’ve ridden the roller coaster at Playland Park Marty Penaloza you call convenience stores Ice House Jenny Fultz you watched the New York Giants ticker tape parade down the Canyon of Heroes in Manhattan and your reaction was "They call that a parade?" you expect free chips at a Mexican restaurant you judge a Mexican restaurant by their hot sauce you listen to KRTU 91.7 Jazz online you’re suspicious of people who don’t drive, don’t have a car or take the bus you know what H-E-B means you miss the sound of a train at night you know David Zamora Casas Ana de Portela you think Alamo is something to eat you think Fiesta is a skin disease you think Sunset Station is a funeral home you think the Spurs are something involving railroads Bill Muhlenfeld you are wearing a tank top, shorts, chanclas and a coat you enjoyed the "original" raspa with vanilla ice cream sold across from the Santa Rosa Hospital you were born at the Santa Rosa Hospital you still talk about Mario’s Restaurant while looking at UTSA you know the Westside is Guadalupe Street and Brazos you love and still own tangerine Florshiem shoes starched khaki pants, a belt and white undershirt is still cool primo, prima, ese, and con safos and orale!Chávez.) you know what "First Friday" means you know more Spurs players than City Council members you consider Austin almost as far away as Canada David Archer you are able to attend a military parade every week (except Thanksgiving and Christmas) at Lackland Air Force Base Major Seals your t-shirt says "Enchiladas - they’re not just for breakfast anymore" your car is held together with Spurs bumper stickers you run into Tommy Lee Jones, and you’re mad cause it wasn’t Eva Longoria Steven Rowden you’ve shopped at Ross and Steinmart, but still miss Solo Serve you’ve been to Fiesta Texas and Sea World, but still miss Playland Park you know that the Chili Bowl is a football game you can give directions to all the malls, but to none of the missions you’ve had a birthday party at Kiddie Park you’ve eaten menudo at Mi Tierra to cure a cruda (hangover) you consider a bean-and-cheese taco "comfort food" your grandfather, father and uncle all worked at Kelly you know all the words to the song, "Volver" you take vacation during Fiesta so you can go to NIOSA every night you have at least five plastic NIOSA cups in the cupboard you look forward to eating Maria’s tortillas at NIOSA every year Guillermo Esparza you don’t know what a yield sign means" Alfred Watson you have bought something from Bjorn at each of his four increasingly nice showrooms over the years.you have had a steak at the Tee Pee restaurant on the Austin Highway.Valdespino your primary language is Tex-Mex your dress slacks are jeans Rolando Garza you have four NBA Championships Jay-Dee you remember the Monte Vista Missouri Pacific train station between Rosewood and Hollywood Avenues Carrie Perez you call the corner convenience store an "ice house." Barbara Yates your childhood highlights included watching the locally produced “Johnny Lane Show,” burgers at Mr.Joe’s on Blanco, walking to the Olmos Theater every Saturday, and seeing Roy Rogers and Trigger at Joe Freeman Karen Hill the hair on the back of your neck stands up when someone calls our city "San Antone" Claire Rhodes Stevenson you ever drank a beer with 20 or more friends at an Ice House that doesn’t sell ice Manuel P.Bradley you have a bean and cheese taco and a Dr Pepper for breakfast Ada Storms you’re still sweeping up cascarone confetti in September!

"Guivers” and not “Jeevers" you want cheddar cheese on your enchiladas you miss Radio Jalapeño and the voice of Güero Polkas on AM Radio while in Mexico you insist on being served flour tortillas with butter and ice in your drink you’re always looking for that great view of the Hemis Fair Tower you think King William is the coolest neighborhood in town you wish there were more "ice houses" you cringe when outsiders say "San Antone" you have a Bill Miller’s tea mug you miss Segovia pralines you still remember Semana Alegre (locals over 40!are not a rehearsal for a Halloween costume party you take the DRT seriously David Garrett you remember enjoying a black cow, a purple martin or a baboon at Weber’s Drive in Root beer you attended televised wrestling at The Wrestlethon to watch Fritz Von Eric, Wahoo Mc Daniel, Thunderbolt Patterson and Mil Masqueres you rode the mini monorail and watched the amazing Los Voladores show at Hemis Fair.visited fantasyland at Joske’s every Christmas Edward F.Charles Longanecker 9, 20, and 21 are your three favorite numbers Dan Scarborough you remember and/or played at Playland Park and viewed it like it was Disney World!Rhonda Faith Lewinson you know that the bowl of pickles on the table at a restaurant isn’t pickles but jalapenos Alyce Robbins your idea of health food is a few cheese and bean breakfast tacos David Wright you know the best time to go to the Riverwalk is on Sunday morning, when everything is quiet and calm Antonio M.

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