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Then Dan gets on all fours, his arse facing the camera, and Luke pulls his smooth arse cheeks apart and spits into his tight hole.. and here is where you get one of the horniest sights i've seen in a long time..

he rubs the spit in, then pushes his tongue up there, jerking him off as licks his hole. as Dans meaty dick pushes up into Lukes arse, Lukes cock throbs and twitches left and right, its SO solid it points right up, looking the biggest it has ever looked..

The lads kiss and rubs their cocks together, which both become rock solid..

those of you who like foreskin with love Dans dick..

Dan then lays on his side, next to Luke, who rubs his throbbing nine incher against Dans wet hole.. Dan takes it well, and it makes his own cock rock hard, as Luke begins to fuck him.. as Luke begins to ride Dans beefy dick up and down, his cock bounces around, super stiff, and its so horny this alone is gonna make some you spunk in your pants right away...

Dan whispers Yeah, fuck me, and Luke starts fucking hard and deeper.. Luke rides it for a bit, then leans back as Dan grips his arse and thrusts into him..

Blake returns to the sofa, and continues jerking off slowly..

Luke takes hold of his cock firmly and rubs it against Dans face, slaps him on the tongue with it, then pushes it to the back of his throat.. , so wet the saliva streams down his meaty dick as he sucks it. Dan lays on his back holding his up and Luke lowers himself onto it..

Sven Jungbluth’s second film, after the award-winning homage to “Thom Barron Calling/Countdown”, is the first real gay porno from South Africa.

Filmed on location in and around Cape Town, this lavish bacchanalia of images presents black and white African sex gods along with famous Dan and Luke begin by kissing and groping each other, pulling off their tops and eagerly squeezing each others throbbing bulges inside their sports shorts.

he gets dans cock really wet, grips the base and licks the end, workin his tongue around the foreskin..

He stands, they kiss briefly, and Dan cant wait to get his lips around Lukes huge 9 inch , and he is down on his knees taking as much as he can deep into his mouth.

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