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Whether or not he wanted a child…he is now obligated to provide for that child.

After a child is born women’s rights advocates are curiously absent.

He should treat that woman with respect, honor, and tenderness.

A man should have the wisdom and foresight to be fully prepared for the possibility of a child resulting from his sexual encounter.

Even though it is sad, sometimes unbearably sad, our awareness of the brevity of our lives is a blessing.

Knowing that we have a limited amount of time, to live, and to love, and accomplish, gives us a sense of urgency, that we couldn’t have otherwise.

Stay Fly and Fly High, KLH We live in a society that expects so much from, and honors so little, the men that father the children in our country.

Men are universally condemned for not providing for the physical needs of their children…I think…rightly so.

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But I have a certain gratitude that shines through the sadness of their loss.Implicit in that position, is that a man does not have a right to choose whether or not a pregnancy will lead to a child birth.Abortions happen at the sole discretion of the pregnant woman…the man…has no say. Fast forward nine months, after the woman has decided to have the child, the man, who previously had no say…is now obligated.Additionally there is now some closure, but also the beginning of a period of mourning, for another person, who left too soon, but lived well.She went missing, and the power of her own generosity inspired hundreds of people to search for her.

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