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Connection requires the courage to move into vulnerability and honesty to live one's truth about what they really need from their relationships. I serve as a guide for individuals and couples in stepping into their own lives, to ask for what they need and to be present in and for their relationships.""I help individuals and couples understand the fear, frustration, and anxiety they have around intimacy and challenge them to dig deep, to take an honest look at how their sex life is co-constructed, to reconsider the reasons they are having sex, and to begin to define and then create the kinds of interactions they may actually crave.Decreasing or non-existent sexual desire makes complete sense; and it certainly does not mean you are broken.Additionally, I see couples for a myriad of relational issues.I am LGBTIQ, kink, and poly friendly and knowledgeable.""As a sex, couple/partner, and family therapist, my background and training are in relationship treatment as well as sexuality therapy.I use the idea of desire (what is it you most want?) as the guide post for the work we do together.""As a trained mental health counselor, I primarily work with three types of people: 1.Sometimes, it is hard to get through these rough patches alone.

If you are feeling resentful, obligated, or like your sex life is doomed, I can help you address your part of the problem.""As a trained mental health counselor, I primarily work with three types of people: 1.

She specializes in working with lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans* and queer identified people and their allies, as well as, people working to regain intimacy after life changing medical diagnoses. Consultations and limited sliding scale services available""My work with clients is rooted in a social justice integrated approach based in Feminist Theory and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

I believe that your treatment should be holistic, touching on all issues that contribute to your overall health.

I have created a safe and beautiful space for you to slow down and speak your truth in a soulful way.

My focus is to, with empathy, work with you to heal past wounds and destructive narratives specifically around areas of spirituality and sexuality.

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