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WW-2 “ William Columbus “ Bertha none w/o William Columbus 43 unmarked graves in Ball area. Braden, Richey Allen born & died “ Lizzie (Caddell) 1911 1975 “ Jimmy C. Hattie found that the average effect size of all the interventions he studied was 0.40.

LOVITT, Rachel E (Shelley) d/o Jeremiah/Dinney (Campell) JONES, Elizabeth (Haley) w/o Simon P.; d/o Robert “ Cordy s/o Simon/Celeter (Creekmore) PARKER, Sarah SHELLEY, Mary Elizabeth d/o Bryant P/Alice (Jones) “ Bessie M d/o “ “ CARTER, Jim Albert age 74 h/o Vina Viola DAVIS, Harvey age 70 h/o Marie (Meadows) EARLS, Clair age 74 h/o Mary “ Albert age 72 “ Daryl age 16 s/o Amos; g-s/o Clair/Mary FOLEY, Ruby age 70 23 Feb 197_? MILLER, Ada (Walker) age 69 SAMS, James age 29 h/o Dorris; s/o James B. Cleo HARMON, Sarah Belle (Strunk) w/o Nate HART, Lucy (Warfield) w/o Will J. ) age 71 w/o Esther “ Grant age 79 WALTERS, William age 72 “ Terry D. Page 193 By: Mae Smith CLOUD, James Henry age 55 s/o L. only date “ Charlie Renfro TERNS, Thelma 1939 WALTERS, James Mar 18_3 __Dec ___8 hard to copy It is only proper and fitting to pay homage to two most helpful ladies in compiling the updated portion of this book. Visible Teaching and Learning occurs when teachers see learning through the eyes of students and help them become their own teachers.Visible Learning plus is a professional development programme for teachers. s/o Lark & Wife “ Luria d/o Lark & Wife “ James Noah “ Rebecca w/o James Noah “ Lester 1905 1975 “ Willie J. Army, WW-2 “ Ernest “ Mary Lois w/o Ernest “ William C., Jr.

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