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She was never going to say, "Yeah, it's cool, I totally want to go back to worrying that you'll be disemboweled by a lizard-man at work, and I definitely want to go back to being a convenient target for witches and other enemies to use against you." Still, it was lovely that Mon Rosalee's plight was the reason Juliette reconsidered, illustrating how much she's grown into her place on the show.She's no longer an outsider to Nick's life, nor are their Wesen friends still considered "others." Between Trubel, Elizabeth, Adalind, Kelly Burkhardt, and now Juliette, Grimm has quite the cast of badass women at its disposal. – Monroe and Gabriel literally sniffing each other out was great.Hank uses one again with a heatshield near the end of "Bad Luck".The Doppelarmbrust is seen once again in the opening sequence of the show.I've been told that I watch episodes of American Horror Story with the most disturbed look on my face, and I enjoy every second of it.But Grimm's treatment of the Adalind/Nick/Juliette sex magic storyline is often too jovial in tone given the subject matter, and it feels like the show is entirely aware of this.This could well lead to the pair teaming up in a bid to get Diana back.

Also, a conversation overheard between Bud and Trubel makes Juliette consider her options as she discovers how little Nick is currently unable to protect himself from attack in his human form.Nick uses it to subdue near the end of "Double Date".Its final appearance is seen in "Cry Havoc" when Nick and Theresa Rubel aka Trubel (Jacqueline Toboni) use to take out Verrat sentries and kill Juliette after she turns into a Hexenbiest.Speaking of hallucinations, Adalind is going through some dark version of Alice In Wonderland – even down to a baby turning into a pig – after eating something she shouldn’t.While you can sympathise with her as she is consumed by the loss of baby Diana, the whole ‘running around a castle while tripping your face off’ is getting a little frustrating – particularly as she eventually ends up back in her cell with Viktor again calling the shots.

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