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Long mistaken for another bee, Euglossa ignita, the new species was deliberately tagged "bazinga" for its history of fooling entomologists.Executive Producer Steven Molaro responded in a press release: "We are always extremely flattered when the science community embraces our show.Sheldon would be honored to know that Euglossa bazinga was inspired by him. The male is the Peacock and the female is the Peahen.In fact, after Mosura (1961) and griffins, bees are his third-favorite flying creature." See more » In one of the episodes Sheldon mentions the Male Indian Peafowl as the "Male Peacock". See more » One of the final cards to appear in the credit sequence is the vanity card for Chuck Lorre Productions.Robin is forced to undergo court-mandated therapy sessions after she assaults a girl who is out to ruin Barney's relationship with Nora.Robin becomes attracted to her therapist, Kevin (Kal Penn). The gang intervenes in Ted's business when he refuses to gather information online about a woman he is going to date with disastrous consequences.

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They are colleagues, best friends, and roommates, although in all capacities their relationship is always tested primarily by Sheldon's regimented, deeply eccentric, and non-conventional ways.Kevin helps the gang realize that their partners remind them of one of their parents, depressing and embarrassing Marshall and Lily.Meanwhile, Barney and Nora's planned romantic evening is ruined by a string of horrible events.She reveals she's engaged to a man she met in Germany.Marshall and Lily make a bet with Barney that could force him to wear Marshall's ducky tie.

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