Internet dating predators

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Since many kids use the Internet from a young age, it’s especially important for parents to protect their kids with Internet Accountability.

Insecurities and shyness may keep your child from acting precociously or promiscuously in person, but the Internet can bring out a different side of them that you wouldn’t expect.

The cyberbully may isolate an individual or group by making Facebook pages or social media profiles that pinpoint certain flaws about them, whether the flaws are actual, perceived, rumored, or exaggerated. People can hide behind a fake identity on the Internet and make a person feel like specific people are against them, when those people might not be involved at all.

The ease of messaging people and leaving comments allows people to be cruel to others in ways they never would do face to face.

Cyberbullying enables people to show their darkest side.

Feelings of envy or insecurity often cause individuals to lash out at others without immediate consequence, if any at all (unlike a playground fight or screaming match where others can easily get involved).

There is no shortage of chat rooms, forums, gaming websites, social media networks, or dating opportunities.

The people they speak to may live in the same city or another state.

Innocent conversation can easily turn into an online relationship that involves sexting or cyber-sex.

Pornography can be found for free on any social media platform or Internet browser.

Chat rooms include links to some of the most deranged content.

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