Keep firefox settings when updating

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You may see references to "complex preferences" that need to be specified in a different way; the default homepage is one, as in the example below.For more info on individual preferences, search the Knowledgebase.See Customizing Firefox autoconfig files and Customizing Firefox autoconfig files continued for more detail.For fancier stuff like disabling UI elements, you may want to use the CCK2 extension.Better yet, subscribe to the list and join in the ongoing discussions.Mozilla publishes a new version with incremented main version number, new features, and bug fixes every six weeks (and, as needed, additional security releases in between).

These versions get serious bugs fixed in minor versions, for 54 weeks (nine of the six-week release cycles).

I have several of these which I want to keep working. However, although previously you had the option of doing that in the "Advanced" tab of the settings panel (as can be seen below)... The advanced tab doesn't even exist any longer: This is very annoying and has put us users in collision course towards the day FF 57 is imposed on us, and we suddenly find ourselves with missing functionality on which we have come to rely.

But there may be some other way I'm not aware of to prevent auto-updating.

Note that there can be undesired side effects if you switch from a RR version to an earlier ESR version, for example from version 26-RR back to 24.2-ESR, even if they were published on the same day.

The reason for this is that often new features are built into the RR versions for test purposes before they are finished, but disabled by preference settings.

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