Key and hyung seop dating sites

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2012 October 22: Key goes with Jonghyun to Dominic’s Way fashion show. 2013 January 9: Hyeong Seop uploads a picture of a conversation with Key from Kakaotalk on his twitter.

(it has been deleted since.) January 14: Hyeong Seop tweet a picture of him with Key at karaoke.

XD Like, IDK, sit your ass down and talk about whatever happened?

I mean you can follow and unfollow whomever you want, but it's not the most mature way to go about it, since you're public figures, people will watch your every move.

March 25: Key goes to the Seoul Fashion Week and meet with Hyeong Seop backstage.

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Tbh, I think whatever the reason might be, it's childish.SM and Woollim said they were in talks for it, so the rumor wasn't completely based on nothing - the idea was already there.And it's been decided, if you ask me, considering how much Woohyun has been at SM lately (something he never did before...cause why would he x D). SM is going to have to start overlapping promotions anyways.It might look full if you just look at the chart, but clicking on the details for each schedule will reveal to you that the only member with schedules right now is Jonghyun x D The others are pretty much jobless (aside from a fanmeeting in Japan next week and the two concerts in March). he's a and key started hanging out together a year or two (? hanging out a lot, going to restaurants, parks, taking pictures together.hyungsup met and hung out with shinee as well as key's BFF woohyun.

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