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Like he actually clarified a couple days later when he was like doubling down on his comments, he was like “Antifa.” Like that’s…

He lives in a news reality where like there’s a left wing militia that’s like organizing the overthrow of the state.

This was an Antifa plot.” Like, they’re kind of like constantly…

It’s like one of the menaces that they’re sure is always about to show up at their door.

FOX AND FRIENDS MALE VOICE: The group known as Antifa, anti-fascists, they’re going to be holding one of 20 protests being held across the country.

There’s a group of left wingers that’s called Refuse Fascism, and it’s run by this guy named Bob Avakian.ALEX GOLDMAN: So Bob Avakian was kind of well known in the 70s and 80s as like a political organizer. He publishes books, he does these really long lectures, he describes himself as a “poetic revolutionary.” But most people have no idea who he is. So on August 5, Bob Avakian posts this things on his website that says, “This nightmare must end.The Trump Pence regime must go.” And basically, he says he wants to take to the streets in cities across the U. and continue protesting until the Trump administration is removed from power.ALEX GOLDMAN: So on the morning of November 4, all of the Twitter goofs wake up, and immediately start tweeting things like, “Hey Antifa super soldiers. We’re gonna meet down at so-and-so, and start beheading white people. ” And like, there were a lot of jokes to that effect.ALEX GOLDMAN: And so what ended up actually happening is that a lot of the armed preppers from the Youtube videos, they like, went out anticipating an Antifa civil war.

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