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It's been just over two weeks since the Master Chef grand final aired and Brent Owens was crowned the winner of the 2014 series.As the winner of the show he was given a massive boost in achieving his food dream, as well as 0,000 cash and a car, but what about the runner-up, 19-year-old Laura Cassai?It was such a tight schedule, you’ve got filming commitments and publicity stuff — a lot of the time you don’t have a moment to yourself. I think I felt more pressure trying to impress them than the whole grand final, which is really weird. My mind was all over the place in that pantry, thinking of ingredients and dishes to cook for them. Even for Brent, I’d never seen him so emotionally invested in a dish.PS: And was it your first experience living out of home? But it was really fun as well, because it was nice to have them sitting there, watching me, and seeing how much I’d grown. It was really beautiful when he opened up with that dish for his dad.Laura Cassai: I know, it does, it's so strange thinking about it all.PS: Especially for you, since it ended a lot longer ago than it did on TV. While you guys were all there watching, I was at home waiting to find out who actually won!Laura and Brent may be competitors — when there's 0,000 cash, a cookbook publishing deal, work experience in Australia's top restaurants and a car at stake, you have to have a competitive streak — but they're also great friends, so we asked them to fill out one last questionnaire ahead of tonight's grand finale. POPSUGAR Australia: What was the Master Chef challenge that changed everything for you, like a turning point in the competition? All my knowledge and skills have been learnt through the box. PS: What was your game plan going into the grand final?Brent Owens: When I made the strawberries and cream dessert, I finally had a top three dish. Brent: Clear mind, deep breaths, concentrate, don't freak out and just remind myself it's always achievable. PS: What’s the first thing you’re going to do when this Master Chef ride is over?

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PS: Throughout the series, or maybe towards the end, there were some viewers who thought you received too much help from the judges in some of the challenges. Laura: [Laughs] God, I wish I received more help from the judges! I guess everyone sees it differently, but I don’t feel I got that much help at all, especially towards the end; even in the top six, the judges, I think, just let us go with it to see what we could do on our own without too much help.Laura: It was, and I don’t think I’ll ever get it that good again! PS: I think when you have that emotional connection as well, like when Brent cooked that dish for his dad, on top of everything else you’re already going through . It’s really weird being away from our families for so long; it’s not like you’re overseas, you’re kind of locked away and don’t have a lot of contact with them.[Laughs] PS: I also wonder how it must feel for you guys to have the cameramen in your house when you’re not ready for them. It’s a really weird situation for everyone to be in.PS: What was it like having that anticipation of not knowing who'd won? Obviously I loved coming home and watching a lot of the episodes, that was really nice, but it was always on the back of the mind, like, 'Did I do enough? ' For a few weeks I didn't even think about it at all; I kept myself so busy so that I wouldn't think about it.And then I think it was about a week before the finale that I was like, 'Oh my God, it's only a week,' and then I started driving myself mental about it, thinking about it all the time, and not sleeping.

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