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Piafsky frames his story with Tarot images that provide a subtly cutting commentary on the disconnectedness of society and the perplexing isolation of the human condition.

Engaging and thought-provoking, , the reader is invited to explore strange landscapes: some based on the ruins of New England and others following the architectural prints of the unconscious.

But in the wake of a traumatic robbery incident, the dark undercurrents of his ocean-obsession pull him further and further out on his own night sea journey.

brings fifty poets together in the spirit of solidarity of poetry at its finest and fiercest, including Celeste Gainey, Ching-In Chen, Ellen Bass, Gregg Shapiro, Holly Iglesias, James Allen Hall, Jericho Brown, Julie Marie Wade, Julie R.

maranatha gran sabana online dating-52

maranatha gran sabana online dating-52

maranatha gran sabana online dating-52

incorporate actual testimony about cruelty against vulnerable bodies—including the wianbu, euphemistically known as “comfort women”—as the poet seeks to find places where brutality is overcome through true human connections.The reader follows the first-person continues Elizabeth Bishop’s tradition of the art of losing, but delves deeper, asking the question of who is to blame for all we’ve lost.Keetje Kuipers’ new collection calls us to reexamine the harsh words of failed love, the aging of a once-beautiful body, and our own voracious desires.Emily Jungmin Yoon asks Why do we write poems amid such violence? Her response to those tough questions is a sequence of reverberating poems that blend documentary precision with impassioned witness, bringing to bear both scholarship and artistry.In this debut collection from prizewinning short story writer Malinda Mc Collum, people adrift in the American Midwest struggle to find their way in the world, with few signposts for guidance.

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