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Enemy documents from 1971 show that Vietnamese communists guided the American antiwar movement via meetings between the communist delegations to the Paris Peace talks and American antiwar activists.

If you're looking for premium, high quality website templates, look no further!In April, the VVAW stormed Washington in a week-long protest.At its height, spokesman John Kerry went before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations to accuse the United States military of committing massive numbers of war crimes in Vietnam. The charges he made shocked and sickened a nation, changed the course of a war and stained the reputation of the American military for decades.If you're just passing through, try the quick tour: a list of key points, some memorable quotes, and a look at the Winter Soldier Investigation's claims and their debunking.If you packed a lunch, consider taking a crack at the entire 32-page transcript of John Kerry's testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

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