Ms excel consolidating worksheet text data

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Thanks, Shelley, Thanks for sponsoring the development of this macro..has been posted in the tools area of this site for all to download. Thanks, Jeff ==== Hi Jeff, The macro is really great! However I am in need of some guidance in the instalation and execution of this macro.Give this a try, and feel free to ping me back if you get stuck...thanks. -----Original Message----- From: Mike Sent: Thursday, September 01, 2011 PM To: Jeff Lenning Subject: RE: Comment for Forum topic: Macro to combine multiple workbooks into a single workbook Jeff: This macro is excellent. I'm assuming that the data on all of the 300 sheets is similar, that is, that the columns all line up etc.I wish I had something like that already built, because I'd be happy to post it up on the Free Tools area for you to download, no problem.To move ore copy the data to the desitination workbook, you can select the data and then use the Copy and Paste commands to insert it into the sheets of another workbook. Please do confirm which version of Excel you are using, but my best guess is that the workbooks you are trying to insert are xlsx (Excel 2007 ) file format, which are allowed to contain up to about 1 million rows.I think that the workbook that the macro is trying to insert them into is an xls (Excel 2003) filetype, and these sheets are allowed to contain up to about 65,000 rows.I'm asking because I have I combine at least 20 workbooks every month with no problems.

The icing on the cake would be having the source workbook(s) file names become the tab names in the new combined workbook.Next, click the Combine Now macro button that is located on the Start Here sheet of the Combine workbook. Eric, The macro I have is close, but not quite what you are looking for.The macro will loop through all open workbooks and combine them into a new single workbook. I think you'd like to basically set up a macro to copy the data from each sheet and paste it sequentially into a new single sheet.Is this sheet missing or is the button in another location.When you open the "Combine Workbooks" download the page will have a "Combine Now" box in the upper right corner.

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