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Whatever it takes to keep those grades up." Dad said. The girls rushed out to the car as I kissed Dan goodbye. " "Ricky..." ****** I stopped in the doorway and turned towards mom. Mom was standing with her hands on her hips, the giant swell of her stiff-nippled tits thrust out proudly. "I think boys spend most of their time with erections, don't they? Sarah giggled at my comment as she adjusted her own skimpy top over her large breasts. He would completely freak." "These bikinis are made for the pleasure of our boys, not our husbands." Gail said.

Besides, I rather enjoyed giving Ricky a hand yesterday." Mom said with a wink. My son always had such strong erections when he lived at home." I giggled as I handed her my credit card. She was probably with all the other moms putting something naughty on. "Well, my husband is good friends with Bob, the coach, so I'm hoping that's gonna give Clay an extra boost when it comes to making the team." I finished tying my top and turned towards the girls. "God if my husband ever caught me in something like this he'd kill me." I said out loud.

The bikini is very revealing, especially on a big breasted woman like yourself. "Whatever helps my son to stay focused and keep his grades up, I'm all for it." I said. "Steven thinks they're gonna wrap our dicks between their tits today. ****** I listened to Gail and another mother chat as we all got naked and put on our micro bikinis. "Wow, Michelle, the mico bikini looks amazing on you." "Thanks. I went with Ricky's favorite color too." Gail adjusted her tiny top.I loved the way his tongue hung out as he gawked at my body, beating his young erection furiously. Haha Gail Girl: yes, welcome to the bad club Michelle lol. "Sucking on my handsome boy's big teenage cock, nursing on that shiny cock-head...yummy! I peered down at my mile long cleavage, then over the swell of my breasts down at my pretty feet. R & B music was already playing and we formed a big circle, just like we had the day before.What a beautiful piece of meat Ricky has between his legs, how it stood so high and proud. I let my Sam take a peek between mommy's legs this morning. A little while later while I stood in the kitchen prepared my children's lunches, my mind wandered where it shouldn't. " My nipples hardened and I felt my clitoris throb in a mini orgasm. "Was he still marveling at that wonderful handjob mommy had given him? They were propped in a pair of six inch mules, my toenails freshly painted a pale pink. "You gonna strip this time, or be another shy pussy like yesterday? "Your just jealous that I have a bigger dick." I said, making Ryan laugh. " I stuck out my arm and showed her the one around my wrist. I have given a blowjob before you know." "Oh I know, trust me.Her heavy tits trembled as she moved, straining against the thin strings that held the tiny fabric in place.A similar patch of cloth fit snuggly against her pussy mound and was so revealing that it was obvious that mom had shaved her cunt. Look at the way their sexy feet are propped up like that! He was gazing over at my mom with his tongue hanging out, jacking his cock hard and fast. " Gail shouted and her and I turned and leaned against each other as we took a sexy side pose.

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