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But in an environment where women get tons of cursory messages from tons of ill-suited guys, he reasons, the one who stands out should be the one who wins.Part of that is developing a quality profile with a range of pictures and a fleshed-out biography.“My friends have suggested I sell it as a product,” Stadil said with a laugh. So I’m a total novice when it comes to dating online, really dating at all.In online profiles and personal ads, women tend to list more rules and requirements for the kind of guys they want to meet — roughly one and a half times as many, according to one 2005 study.Men are more likely to accept date invitations from strangers; they almost always send the opening email or message.But by allowing men to take this indiscriminate approach to its logical extremes, Tinder definitely may have heightened or exaggerated them.Meanwhile, ladies have to become even more selective to get through their inboxes.

Stadil, for one, has learned his lesson — although he doesn’t consider his experiment a total failure.

It would be all too easy to blame this situation on Tinder, an app that has made finding a date easier than ordering a pizza.

But even before Tinder — even before online dating — women were way more selective in choosing potential partners.

Unlike him, however, the engineer wasn’t looking for anything serious.

That’s the sort of miscommunication Stadil hopes to avoid with his next attempt, in which — rather than date strangers at scale — he’s going to look for personal recommendation from friends and friends of friends.

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