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The stones fit together with such precision he couldn’t even wedge a needle between them at any point.“After observing the perfection with which this site is built …The mystery lies in the precision and complexity of the structures that pervade the ruin.The finely cut doorways and remaining stone blocks bear no chisel marks and many interlock with very fine precision.The sunrise moves along the horizon as the days of the year pass.Posnansky expected to find the sun rise above cornerstones on either side of the temple on the summer and winter solstices, but found it rose some distance off.The signs are all there if we wish to look closely enough, its just not politically or religiously acceptable to say so!

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Posnansky’s measurements have been confirmed by modern engineers, though his conclusions remain contentious.By Paul Darin , Epoch Times Puma Punku in Bolivia is one of the world’s most mysterious ancient sites.This remains true for both academic archaeologists and historians as well as rogue historians who investigate the hypothesis of advanced prehistoric civilizations or ancient assistance from extraterrestrials.It seems perfectly reasonable to me that this planet has already been visited!There is still no resounding link between us and other species, such as Neanderthals, which seems indisputable given our supposed links to apes?

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