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“We’ve really built the data infrastructure,” Justin told us.

“We’re not just dependent on one data source like some of our competitors are.

We have the ability to go from a lot of different data providers to have a complete record.” Gone are the days of driving yourself down to the courthouse to wait in lines and fill out paperwork for a criminal record that may not even be there.

Been Verified saves you the time and trouble with a simple online search.

It’s unclear how many people she was able to con by using misleading online profiles.

Online dating has its fair share of scary stories, but some are avoidable with the right tools.

The Short Version: Before you go on a date with someone you met online, you should know a little bit about them — like if they’ve been arrested or own a gun.

Been Verified’s platform offers access to billions of public records.The Android version has recently been updated to have an even cleaner interface for users, so a wealth of free information is always at your fingertips.“We want to be seen as an all-around tool that can help people and focus on safety,” Justin said.Justin Lavelle, Social Media Director for Been Verified, enjoys the relaxed feel of the Manhattan offices.“There’s this nice balance between being serious and not taking ourselves too seriously,” he said.

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