Online dating the future

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But other companies are trying to get us off the Internet by using technology as the initial point of contact, before two people can meet up IRL.Entrepreneur Lori Cheek is one of many who believe that online dating has pulled us further apart rather than bringing us closer together.“I think we’ve lost this human connection by being online all the time,” says Cheek.“There has to be something more tangible.” Another company that uses technology to move dating offline is How About We, which describes itself with something of an oxymoron: “the Offline Dating Site.” Users suggest dates and connect with other singles by checking out what everyone is into.Thinking that this match must have been made in heaven, I asked, “So, where’d you guys meet?” I may as well have lifted the needle on our host’s vintage record player, as the cuteness screeched to a halt and they both turned bright red.Plenty of us can remember “cybering” as teens, most of us have sexted explicit photos to a lover, and experimenting via webcam has helped numerous long-distance relationships last way past their expiration dates.

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Instead of limiting webcam sex to mutual masturbation and dirty talk, Fri Xion users will be able to actually have penetrative sex through their computers.

She created the app Cheekd, which uses Bluetooth technology to let people know that someone in their immediate vicinity thinks they’re cute.

Cheek thinks that on-demand dating apps like Tinder have made it increasingly difficult and for people to take the first step toward connecting with people in real life rather than on their phones.

While current Fri Xion technology is focused on webcam-to-webcam experiences, Seth thinks that pretty soon, humans will be able to have full-on romantic relationships with bots.

Virtual worlds like Second Life and Utherverse already allow for people’s avatars to get down with and “date” other people’s avatars, and as artificial intelligence evolves, some of those avatars could easily develop into bots.

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