Qt widget not updating

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These layouts are useful enough on their own, but your layout options are not so limited as that: you can also nest layouts within other layouts to create more complex and flexible patterns for your user interface.

For right now, we'll consider the vertical and horizontal box layouts and the .

A property is a value that can be read and (optionally) written.

More importantly for our purposes, properties are exposed in the Qt Designer property editor.

The first parameter is the data type and the second is the property name.

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Next, we'll learn how to combine widgets into a form layout — but before we can do that, let's briefly look at this installment's example application. The user can select a salutation and enter the name of the person (or other entity) they want to greet, and when they click "Build Greeting", the greeting will be shown on a label on the form.The developer simply needs to arrive at a combination of layouts that produces the desired effect, and create them; the controls can be created and modified in isolation, with little consideration of their effect on the layout of other controls.This blog post will describe how to write a custom Qt widget and how to integrate it into Qt Designer so that you can drag and drop it onto your designs.It also fails to respond well to resizing; the labels just sit there in their assigned locations.Not only that, but imagine if a user with visual impairment has their fonts set extra-large; the fixed positions you set for the controls will no longer be appropriate.

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