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Django application that allows you to easily store preferences for your users to choose from.Sending emails but want to let the user choose the frequency ? A django app that provides extra features including masquerading, local timezone support on users, an audit log for tracking admin and view-based data changes and activities, and support for Company models and added fields to User a zero-coding restful API server inspired by Json-Server and Eve.You MAY use some minimal support code from the XStatic base package, if you like.You can find more info about the xstatic packaging way in the package `XStatic`.Flat allows users to view annotated Fo Li A documents and enrich these documents with new annotations, a wide variety of linguistic annotation types is supported through the Fo Li A paradigm.

A Twitter bot that polls an RSS feed and posts its entries as tweets, with auto-generated hashtags.

For extra mischief, replies to the bot are responded to using a basic Eliza implementation.

After installing, the 'babbler' command will be available which you can use to run the bot. Use Twitter's Bootstrap CSS framework to build your app.

This module provides code that can parse exported configurations from Mikrotik devices, and create the script that represents the necessary commands to reach a target configuration.

This code is used by the `mkr_config` Ansible module, so that it can idempotently manage the configuration of Mikrotik routers.antiparser is an API/framework for generating random, malformed data for use in fuzzing and fault injection of network protocols and file formats.

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