Ramona rizzo dating

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Ramona Rizzo is a liar, she claims she left her husband because he joined the mob, which is not true because her husband is Arabic, she left him because he went bankrupt.On the show, she says she avoids the mob men like the plague, but she is dating a wiseguy cocaine dealer by the name of Joseph Scalfini. Also in her VH1 Biography she claims that she couldn’t leave the middle east because of her husband that he wouldn’t let her, but the truth is her husband moved to another country and she was there with her kids receiving money from him through wires for the last year and a half that she was in jordan.My sources exclusively reveal that while Carla’s best friend and Karen were friends, Karen was sleeping with Carla’s best friend’s boyfriend for years!Karen hang out with the friend and sleep with her boyfriend after. Carla’s best friend “beat up” Karen and one day Karen randomly knocked on the best friend’s door with Ramona and jumped her!Do you actually think Ramona is going to wait for him? Sources add that she lived in a basement she moved in with Joseph and she’ll probably move out and leave Joseph when she find’s the next best thing. Karen and Ramona both have accused Carla of not liking them because of Drita. According to my sources, the real reason Carla doesn’t care for the two is because they both tried to jump her best friend!Back in the day, Carla’s best friend used to hang out with Karen and the two were good friends.She was free to go and he begged her to leave back to the states.These people should not be celebrated, they should be shunned.”Funny considering Ramona says the reason she left her husband was because he started to get involved with the “mob” yet to mention that he actually went through bankruptcy.

Quite the contrary, she was hopeful the combative pair could bury their differences. Who instigated and made it worse and then put me on defense mode? While Ramona’s former married life sounds like something out of a movie, it’s hardly a mob flick.

Drita reveals, “I was told she wanted to talk to me. It’s crazy to me that she reacted the way that she did and changed and just turned the whole thing into a bad f*cking situation.”Drita, however, is adamant about how the fight escalated. After spending a decade married to a man from the Middle East, she struggled to get a divorce and fought to get her kids — Giovanni 13, Anissa, 12, Melina, 11, Gianna, 7 — out of the country of Jordan. S., she remembers, “The last time I was in Jordan was to get divorced.

I was so happy [she wanted to make up].”Citing footage from that fateful episode, Drita continues, “If you see me, you see my body language. I went there for two-and-a-half years.”That said, it’s clear Ramona is loyal to family… I mean nothing negative by referencing her as faux, it merely means they aren’t blood related — I am fortunate enough to have more faux family than blood relatives.

While it's still up in the air if Rizzo will return, viewers also have high hopes that Facciolo will back for season 6.

Despite not making a full return during last season, Facciolo hopes that the original cast will all be a part of the show once again.

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