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Among the more notable changes are those concerning the herons and their allies where, in many cases, as in the UK, there have been some significant increases.For instance, in the Camargue the numbers of Night Herons reached a new peak in 2015, with 1120 pairs, while the population at the Lac de Grand-Lieu (Loire-Atlantique) has varied between 220 and 240 pairs since 2008.This page comprises news items about the LPO and bird conservation in France, compiled by Ken Hall.I update it as and when I have news to report and time to compile it.I experienced something similar myself on 2nd August at the Col du Soulor, further east, when nearly 6500 Black Kites passed through once the skies had cleared after several days of frustratingly low cloud and no birds at all.But definitely worth the wait, for me if not for the birds themselves.In 2018 I see that they are visiting both the Dordogne area and the Camargue in May.Funds from the first holiday will support the 'Refuges LPO' network of over 17,000 protected sites across France, many of them private gardens and public parks, while those from the second will go towards enhancing the breeding sites of Lesser Kestrels on La Crau, one of the places participants will be visiting.

As usual there is always something of interest here.Another species also found in increasing numbers is the Black Stork.Whereas when counts began, nearly 40 years ago, it was rare to see one at all, during the 1990s numbers started to increase, and this year, for the first time, over 1000 have been seen heading south.No doubt increasing numbers breeding in northern France and elsewhere can account for this welcome rise in numbers.Among a few of the oddities, a Short-toed Lark was a first for the site, a Great Bustard was a bit of a surprise, and more than 2000 Hawfinches so far are a reflection of what seems to be quite a widespread 'invasion' across western Europe this autumn.

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