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Carrie is an uncertain mess, Charlotte struggles with divorce, new mom Miranda is exhausted and crabby, and Samantha warily gives a man a misguided second chance.There’s a weird episode where Samantha and Carrie take a train to San Francisco that works when it really shouldn’t.What’s Good: This is when the show really begins to hit its stride.Romantic, clever, and wise in a way the show hadn’t yet been, Season 3 introduces us to the second love of Carrie’s life, the much-mourned Aidan Shaw.Here’s a ranking of the seasons, from worst to best, as it looks a decade later.What’s Good: Well, this is the season that started it all, that introduces us to Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte, and Big and a few other recurring characters.That’s not the show’s fault, obviously, but even with Kennedy, it’s a silly moment.) Some of the humor seems dated here in 2014, and despite considerable honing from Season 1, the show feels like it’s still grasping to figure itself out.And then there’s Dan Futterman’s guest-starring role as a “gay straight man,” a character that probably played as a wicked, perhaps even astute, identity-bending tweak back in 1999, but is now just offensive—to both gays and straights.

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Season 2 also hits some satisfying emotional highs as Carrie jumps back into an ill-advised relationship with Big, only to have it come crashing down on her in devastating fashion when he announces his engagement to Natasha.

, Darren Starr and Michael Patrick King’s ravishingly decadent romantic romp through pre-crash New York City.

Ten years and two movies later, the show has ceded its cultural prominence, as a new generation fixes its eyes on an entirely different kind of aspirationalism.

It’s hard to say which gimmick I like less, but certainly neither has aged well.

Best Episode: “The Baby Shower” Oddly, it took Carrie and friends getting out of Manhattan to get the show moving toward its thematic groove—Carrie is skeptical about the settled-down life, Miranda is caustic (and correct), Samantha is brassy, and Charlotte is a pinched bore, but not yet the insane person she would later become.

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