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If you don’t have that purpose in mind, you’re going to end up all over the place–as evidenced by that discussion surrounding the Main Character in .Reading through that post, some see Tony Stark (Iron Man) as the Main Character, others see Steve Rodgers (Captain America).James Hull is an animator by trade, avid storyteller by night.He also taught classes on Story at the California Institute of the Arts (Cal Arts).

Tony’s uncontrolled rampage is the kind of thing Zemo hoped for when he set out to split the Avengers.

In all four examples, the storyform communicates a message to the Audience.

It’s not about Joy or Sadness, or Louise or Heptapod aliens, or Luke Skywalker or Batman–its about the intent behind the creation of the narrative itself. If you don’t know what you want to say, Dramatica can help you with that.

Before arriving at the one single storyform out of the 32,768 possible storyforms available within the current model, I like to develop a holistic sense of what the Author is trying to say with their story…

…because it’s nice when you can get the narrative the Dramatica Story Expert application and within a short amount of time.

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