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It is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Shanghai. The word bund means an embankment or an embanked quay.

The word comes from the Persian word band, through Hindustani, meaning an embankment, levee or dam (a cognate of English terms "bind", "bond" and "band", and the German word "Bund").

The vacated road space was used to widen the landscaped promenade along the waterfront.

The new concrete bridge that was built in 1991 to relieve traffic on Waibaidu Bridge was rendered obsolete by the new double-levelled roadway, and demolished.

In these Chinese port cities, the English term came to mean, especially, the embanked quay along the shore.

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It was initially a British settlement; later the British and American settlements were combined in the International Settlement.In its expanded form, the term "Bund" (as "New Bund" or "Northern Bund") was used to refer to areas south of the Yan'an Road, and a stretch of riverfront north of the Suzhou River (Zhabei).Such use of the term, however, remains rare outside of tourism literature.Government institutions were moved out in favour of financial institutions, while hotels resumed trading as such.Also during this period, a series of floods caused by typhoons motivated the municipal government to construct a tall levee along the riverfront, with the result that the embankment now stands some 10 metres higher than street level.

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