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They gave it a casual approach, pointing out its importance without making a big deal out of it.Honestly probably one of my favorite dramas which may sound weird but the chemistry was amazing.This is a feel good series that always makes my heart flutter. Simple plot yet had so much good vibes each and every episode and the Nam Lee chemistry is absolutely daebak. This drama taught us in chasing our dreams but never forget to enjoy our youth and to love and be loved. Just my happy pill i can't move on in this k-drama? I've watched at least 15 kdramas already and I only started Feb 2017. The writers capitalized on a good cast, believable acting, relatable storyline, and punch lines delivered with great timing. I feel terrible enough to have cried in the middle of the night . My verdict after finishing these drama very overrated, the story has no specific direction it's just a sweetie-tweetie tums drama and it is so draggy but this is the story of every teen that's why many people relate specially the teen ones but the drama overall..drama really deserve it's rating tbh A really cute and wholesome drama.I would really love to have a season of this kdrama. This was my first kdrama and it got me hooked into kdramas. I've known her only in this drama (my first kdrama by the way). That is why many people were entertained by it and could relate to it on a very personal level. Im glad there is no antagonist hahaha so i can watch all episode happily!! The storyine keeps showing chicken and sojus all over again. The entire cast is so lovable and everything is done so well.I've watched a lot of Kdramas and I can say that I still have'nt moved on with this one. ilove all the casts here I respect the opinions of those who think this drama is not good. This just goes to show that you could take a story so simple, realistic, and honest then turn it into a quality drama which is entertaining and full of lessons at the same time. ❤️ Best drama ever for me,it's realistic,simple and memorable.. It tells you a story about a young adult's life as it truly is. Can’t stand the character of Kim Bok Joo in this movie.

The handkerchief is very important to him and he begins looking for it.However, I am more impressed when writers take a premise that is so simple and manage to effortlessly develop it into a story with substance that is able to attract the full attention and pique the interest of its viewers without any gimmicks.Wfkbj was able to achieve that with just capitalizing on the purity and nostalgia of first loves, first heartbreaks, and heartwarming milestones spent with family and best friends, all relayed through honest storytelling without any air of pretension.I am currently re-watching it and there is just something about the plot and chemistry between the characters that makes it very exciting. They really are able to sell a believable story that I love.Many dramas use these weird crazy fantasy elements to make it exciting but this down to Earth story really excites me. No fantasy elements, no faux symbolisms, no crazy and confusing plot twists/holes, and no pretentious writing here.. I am expecting more film that Lee sung kyung and Nam joo Hyuk will work together their chemistry is really different among others actors, this drama is so pure, honest, simple, and not the least bit pretentious in any way.

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