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I recently analyzed tens of thousands of such Stormfront profiles, in which registered members can enter their location, birth date, interests, and other information. I also learned that Vikingmaiden88 has enjoyed the content on the site of the newspaper I work for, the feature.Instead they have long threads praising Game of Thrones and discussing the comparative merits of online dating sites, like Plenty Of Fish and Ok Cupid.And the key fact that shows that Stormfront users are inhabiting similar universes as people like me and my friends: the popularity of the among Stormfront users.

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But perhaps what was most interesting—and surprising—were some of the topics of conversation Stormfront members have.

If this were the case, the chances that two Americans on a given news site have opposing political views would be 0 percent. In other words, a liberal and a conservative were equally likely to visit any particular news site. In other words, the internet is far closer to perfect desegregation than perfect segregation.

If this were the case, the chances that two Americans on a given news website have opposing political views would be roughly 50 percent. Liberals and conservatives are “meeting” each other on the web all the time.

Among this age group, California, a state with one of the largest minority populations, has a membership rate 25 percent higher than the national average.

One of the most popular social groups on the site is “In Support of Anti-Semitism.” The percentage of members who join this group is positively correlated with a state’s Jewish population.

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